Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti is a mid premium segment smartwatch with a Super AMOLED display, Bluetooth voice calling, AI voice assistant, Music Storage with 8GB memory, and other health and sports fitness features. Before we dive deep into the functions and features here are the highlight of key features of the crossbeats orbit Infiniti smartwatch

  • 1.39” Super AMOLED display with Full touch screen
  • Up to 1500+ music storage (8GB memory)
  • Connect with TWS/Neckband
  • 110+ Sports Modes
  • 200+ Watch Faces
  • Always “ON” Display
  • Bluetooth Calling and Many More.

Make sure you read till the end to know more about the features and functions of Orbit Infiniti. 

Crossbeats is in a row launching smartwatch watches one after the other trying to make a mark in the smartwatches industry. Previously we covered Crossbeats Ignite Lyt the budget-friendly smartwatch, click here to read the full review.

Key Specifications
  • 1.39” Super AMOLED display with Full touch screen
  • Bluetooth Voice Calling
  • Up to 1500+ music storage (8GB memory)
  • Connect with TWS/Neckband
  • 110+ Sports Modes
  • 200+ Watch Faces
  • Always “ON” Display

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Smartwatch Details

I have tried to cover all the details of Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti in this section, beginning with the unboxing experience. So let’s jump straight into it.

Unboxing Experience

The retail packing is different from all the previous models. The crossbeats Orbit Infiniti comes with a wide rectangular package with “Orbit Infiniti” branding on the center front and the crossbeats logo at the top left of the box. 

At the rear, you have the list of key features, and a QR code to install the FITWINNER application to pair the smartwatch with your smartphone.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • Greeting card with QR at the rear for an additional 6 months warranty.
  • Another card to get a free screen guard to protect your smartwatch, to claim that you need to scan a QR at the rear of the card and fill the form.
  • A Quick Start Guide, on how to install the application to pair the smartwatch.
  • Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Dial, and 2 Straps. One Silicone and other Leather.
  • User Manual Followed by a Charging Cable.

Build and Design Quality

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti has a premium design and solid build quality with a metal frame casing. The Round dial of Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti has two buttons on the right side, the upper button is used to navigate back to the home screen whereas the other button is used to go to the menu screen.

Now moving towards the back of the watch, all the sensors are housed in the center and charging pins at the bottom end. There is also a speaker on the Top and a Microphone on the right side (In rear view) for answering the phone and for voice assistants.

It comes with two strap options, i.e., Silicone and leather straps. The straps also have a premium feel with crossbeats branding on the buckle and the loop.

Overall the Design and Build quality looks very premium and meets the market standards.

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti
Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti

Image Credits – Crossbeats


The round dial has a sharp display with a 1.39” Super AMOLED full touch screen with 454X454 pixels and 600 nits of brightness to have easy visibility even on a bright sunny day.

The display is very crisp and responsive. The best part of the super AMOLED display is it has vibrant colors with deep blacks which completely blend with the bezels. It has animated icons on the widget screens. 

There are 100 watch faces pre-installed on the watch, with 100 more watch face options that can be downloaded from the cloud. So you have plenty of options to customize your watch face.

As it is an AMOLED display you get an Always-on display option and you can adjust the time frame for the display to be ON. You have around 15 watch faces for always-on display.

Orbit Infitniti Display
Image Credits - Crossbeats


When you swipe from up, you get access to the quick toggle buttons such as QR code, ‘i’ button for info, Bluetooth connectivity, Battery percentage, and settings. 

When you swipe from the right side of the watch you can view all the widgets namely, the Steps counter, Heart Rate, SpO2, Weather, and Voice Assistant.

The beehive menu can be accessed when you swipe from the bottom, the view mode can be changed from beehive to list view in the settings. You can also access the menu screen through the button on the watch.

To listen to the songs stored on the watch, swipe from the left side of the watch and you see all the music controls. Don’t forget to change it to Watch Mode.


This smartwatch supports both Android & iOS devices, however, it is compatible with iOS9 & above. Coming to Android, it supports Android 4.4 & above.

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 & 4.0 versions. It has three Bluetooth connection options,

  1. Phone Mode to answer and receive calls.
  2. Watch Mode, listen to the songs on the watch, and
  3. TWS Mode to connect Bluetooth earphones.


As this is a feature-packed smartwatch you shouldn’t be expecting a great backup. However, if you turn off a few features, you might get an extended battery. You do get a power save mode to improve your battery backup.

As per the company claims, the standard battery backup is up to 1-2 days with the Bluetooth calling feature, around 7 days based on your typical usage, and a standby time of 15 days.

Water Resistant

This smartwatch comes with an IP67 rating, which is a sigh of relief to the purchasers as they don’t need to worry about the water splashes or rains. It can also be worn when you are enjoying water sports.

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Smartwatch Specifications

As mentioned above, this is a feature-packaged smartwatch with so many features to justify the price point. Being priced at Rs.6999/- with all the smart features is pretty acceptable.

In this section, I’ll be taking you through all the latest features of Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti one by one. So Let’s begin with the most attractive feature,

Music Storage on the Watch

Yes, you read it right. Now can store songs on your smartwatch and listen to them anytime. This is a premium segment feature that is available in the apple watch and Samsung smartwatches, but now it’s also available in the affordable segment thanks to crossbeats for coming up with such an idea.

You get 8GB of storage which can easily store 1500 songs on your watch. Transferring them to your watch is also simple and easy, all you need to do is connect your watch to pc using the charging cable and change it to mass storage mode. You are good to go, now start uploading your favorite playlist.

To listen to the songs on the watch change the connection mode to Watch Mode, then go to the music player widget and start playing your songs. You can either listen through a watch speaker or connect to your TWS. Yes, you can now connect directly to TWS from the watch, just change the connection mode to TWS and boom now enjoy the music on the watch from TWS. Now you don’t need to carry your phone to enjoy your music.

Music Player
Bluetooth modes

Image Credits – Crossbeats

Bluetooth Voice Calling

Crossbeats has never disappointed when it comes to Bluetooth voice calling feature. The in-built speaker and Microphone, and the dial pad on the watch make calling through the smartwatch very easy. The sound quality of the speaker is good, and the microphone also catches the voice pretty well.

Smart Features

Here’s  the list of other Smart Features

  • Power Save Mode
  • Voice Recorder
  • Voice Assistant
  • Notifications
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarms
  • Sedentary Alerts
  • Dual Theme
  • Weather Report
  • Find My Phone
  • Music Control
  • Camera Control
  • Reminders & Alerts from third-party apps

Image Credits – Crossbeats

Health Tracking Features

One of the main reasons we prefer buying a smartwatch is to monitor our health stats such as steps taken, sleep duration, calorie burnt count, and many other metrics. The Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti is equipped with health sensors that measure the metrics only when the watch is on the wrist. Here’s the list of health tracking metrics on this smartwatch

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • SpO2 Tracking
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Pedometer (Steps Count)
  • Breathe Training

Note: Use this feature just for reference purposes, not for medical purposes.

Health Features
*All Images credits - Crossbeats

Sports Modes

You’ll be surprised to know that Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti has 110+ sports modes. The list is very long to be mentioned down here, but I’ll try to mention the sports categories available on this watch. 

  • Fitness
  • Casual workout
  • Ball Games and
  • Water Games

Then under these categories, there are many sports modes. So there are plenty of them to explore.

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Smart App

To get the most out of this smartwatch, you’ll need to pair it with the “Fit Winner” smart app.

With the help of this application, you can customize your face watches by downloading them from the watch market, where you can have 100+ options.

Health and sports metrics can also be stored and viewed from this application, it gets synced automatically once the watch is paired with the application. The UI is easy to navigate.

Notifications and Alerts can also be modified from this application.

fitwinner UI
Fitwinner UI

Image Credits – Crossbeats

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti Warranty

The Orbit Infiniti comes with 12 months of warranty if you register the device on the crossbeats website within 10 days after purchase. You get an additional 6 months of warranty by scanning the QR behind the greetings card inside the box.

Coupon Code

If you are impressed by the features of Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti and want to check out the product. Then visit the Crossbeats store and don’t forget to use my coupon code “CBID05” to get an additional 5% discount.

Crossbeats Orbit Infiniti

Rs. 7,999
Rs. 6,999
as of November 5, 2023 1:44 pm
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