Crossbeats Ignite S4 Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Smartwatch is another launch in the Ignite Series family that comes with a 1.8” full touch 3D curved LCD Display along with Bluetooth calling, which allows it to answer as well as make calls through the smartwatch. This Smartwatch looks very similar to that of Apple’s watch series 7, If both the smartwatches are kept side by side it would be difficult to distinguish between each other.

A quick sneak peek about crossbeats Ignite S4 Smartwatch is that it comes along with a 1.8” Full Touch 3D curved LCD Display, Bluetooth calling, Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 Sensor, Blood pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Monitor, Multi-Sports Modes tracking, Step Counts, Calories Burnt, share QR code from the watch to connect with Whatsapp, Facebook, & Twitter, any other latest feature. Read Till the end to know more details about Crossbeats Ignite S4 Smartwatch.

Rs. 4,999
Rs. 5,999
Key Specs
  • 1.8″ 3D Curved LED display
  • Full Touch Display
  • Bluetooth Calling 
  • Voice Assistant
  • Location Sharing (GPS)
Health Tracking 
  • Heart Rate
  • SpO2
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Sleep Monitor
Sport Modes
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Sit-Ups
  • Mountaineering

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Details

Unboxing Experience​

Crossbeats has changed the packaging this time, instead of a square box this time they have introduced a rectangular box with S4 branding on the top, and the list of features, Compatibility details, QR to download the App are provided at the backside of the Box. As soon you get inside the box you get,

  • Ignite S4 Smartwatch
  • User manual
  • A quick setup guide
  • QR Code to register for a 1-year warranty
  •  Magnetic Charger
  • Silicon & Nylon Straps

Build & Design

This is a full metal case smartwatch with a variety of straps to offer ranging from Silicon to Nylon straps. Now you can switch between the straps based on the occasion and style. The rear side of the watch has a glass finish with all sensors and charging terminals. It has a crown and a flat button on the right side of the watch. Which are used to navigate through different screens. 

Display & User Interface

Crossbeats Ignite S4 comes with Full Touch 1.8” 3D Curved LCD Display along with a resolution of 384×480 pixels at a refresh rate of 60Hz and 600nits brightness. The bezels on the watch are pretty slim which makes it a full display smartwatch. Even though it is an LCD display the color reproduction is very good.

If you want to change watch faces, you can rotate the crown on the right side of the watch. The best part is you get 18 pre-built watch faces with animations on the Crossbeats Ignite S4 smartwatch so you can shuffle between them to suit your mood.

Coming to the interface, when you swipe from the left there is an SOS feature along with a few toggle buttons to access regularly used apps. To access your widgets apps such as Heart rate, SpO2, Weather forecast, and other features all you need to do is swipe from the right. To view your messages and social media notifications swipe from the bottom. The toggle buttons for calling from a watch, Voice assistants, Watch settings, Business card features, an Always-on display, and a few other options as well can be accessed when you swipe from the top.

* All Images credits-Crossbeats

Connectivity and Battery

The Crossbeats Ignite S4 smartwatch supports Bluetooth 5.2 version. It is compatible with devices running on Android 4.4+ and iOS9+.

The Ignite S4 has good battery life and will keep you up for a day. It comes with a 300mAh battery that has a standby time of up to 10 days. As this watch has Bluetooth calling feature the battery might get affected. As the company claims the Crossbeats Ignite S4 has up to 3 days of battery backup and when used with the calling feature it has 1-day battery backup. When the battery is running out, just put it on the magnetic pin charger to refill 100% in less than 90mins.

Water Resistant

The most important factor after buying smart gadgets is to protect them. As these are electronics devices they get easily affected when exposed to rain and dust particles. So Crossbeats Ignite S4 comes up with IP67 rating protection. This means it can resist mild splashes and dust particles from entering the smartwatch. 

What does IP 67 mean?

The understanding of IP rating is very simple. For example, consider the IP67 rating. The first number ‘6’ represents protection from solid particles such as dust, sand, etc., and the second number ‘7’ represents protection from liquid substances like water.

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Specifiations


Sensors play a vital role in smart gadgets as the majority of their functions would be dependent on them. The list of sensors in Crossbeats Ignite S4 are listed below

  • Heart Rate
  • Accelerometer
  • SpO2
  • Blood Pressure
  • Multi-motion activity 

These sensors are responsible for all the tracking metrics available on Ignite S4 such as Heart Rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, blood pressure monitor, Sleep tracking, Step counting, and multi-sports tracking.

Ignite S4 Health Features

The health tracking features on this smartwatch are very good at this price point with so many options. Let’s quickly list down the health tracking metrics available on crossbeats Ignite S4.

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • SpO2 
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Pedometer
  • MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Energy)
  • Pressure (Stress Monitor)
  • Breathe rate & training

With these features, you can track your health through the smartwatch as well as you can use the “Wearfit Pro” application to store and analyze the data on your smartphone.

Ignite S4 Smart Features

The smartwatch has a wide range of smart features, the spotlight features are “Bluetooth calling & Always-on display”. As mentioned earlier, this smartwatch comes with a Bluetooth calling feature which is really amazing at this price point. Here’s the list of smart features available on Crossbeats Ignite S4.

  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Always on Display
  • Location Sharing
  • Remote Camera (Control camera shutter)
  • Calculator
  • Wallet
  • Business Card
  • Split Screen
  • Triple Theme
  • Weather Report
  • Music Control
  • Voice Assistants
  • Reminders & Alerts
Ignite S4 Smart features

Ignite S4 Sports Modes

Crossbeats Ignite S4 also supports 13 multi-sports modes which are divided into Indoor and Outdoor sports modes. The list of sports modes available on this smartwatch are listed below:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Mountaineering
  • Free Movement
  • And Other Sports as well.
Ignite S4 Sports Mode

Crossbeats Ignite S4 Smartwatch Application

Crossbeats have paired with a third party application to power Ignite S4 and store all the tracking metrics on the smartphone. You need to download the application “Wearfit Pro” and then pair your smartwatch with this application, to access your data through smartphone and be able to use all the features on your smartwatch.

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All Crossbeats products support a 12 months warranty when registered on the website within 10 days of purchase. So, to avail free 12 months warranty for your crossbeats ignite s4 smartwatch, get it registered on crossbeats website within 10 days of purchase.

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Crossbeats Ignite S4

Rs. 5,999
Rs. 4,999
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