Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Smartwatch Review

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Review: Hey everyone, welcome to another smartwatch review.  Today we are going to review Crossbeats Ignite Atlas, this is another smartwatch in Ignite series. We can interpret the unique feature from the name itself: this smartwatch has a Dual satellite built-in GPS. 

This is the first smartwatch with a built-in GPS from the Crossbeats, previously they have launched other smartwatches with Bluetooth calling feature, Voice Assistant, Music Storage, and many other features with a pocket-friendly budget. Let’s explore more about this smartwatch: Display, Build quality, Battery Life, Functions, Features, & sports modes.

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Rs. 3,999
Rs. 5,999

Key Specifications

  • 1.69″ 3D Curved IPS Display
  • In-buil Dual GPS
  • Bluetooth Voice Calling
  • 30 Multisports modes
  • 100+ Watch Face
  • Upto 10 Days Battery (Based on usage)
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Heart Rate, SpO2, Blood pressure, Sleep and Stress Monitor

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Smartwatch Details

In this section, we are going to review the details of the Crossbeats Ignite Atlas such as Build quality, Display, Interface, Battery, Connectivity, and water resistance rating. Let’s begin with Unboxing Experience.

Unboxing Experience

The retail packaging is similar to previous models. But, the graphics and details on the box can portray the message and unique feature of this smartwatch (GPS navigation).

On the backside of the box, you find key specifications of the Crossbeats Ignite Atlas and a QR code to download the Crossbeats application to pair it with the smartwatch.

Here’s the list of items & documents you can find inside the box:

  1. Greeting card.
  2. A QR code card to claim your free screen guard, which you should receive once you fill and submit the form.
  3. A Quick Start guide
  4. Finally, you get to see the Smartwatch 
  5. User Manual in English and
  6. Magnetic dock charger cable, the dock attaches and aligns itself automatically as you bring it closer.
Packing Box
Image Credits - Venom's Tech (youtube)

Build Quality

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas is made up of premium ABS material which makes the watch lightweight, it weighs only 42 grams. The dial might look heavy but is light on the wrist. The straps are made of premium quality. The silicon straps are very smooth.

There is a knob on the right side that helps to turn on/off the screen and navigate back to the home screen.

At the rear, you can find the charging pins at the bottom and all the sensors housed at the center.

The built quality is very nice it gives a premium look on the wrist and feels very lightweight.

Crossbeats ignite atlas front view
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Back View


Generally, we get to see AMOLED display at this price range but we have to comprise as we get GPS navigating system, Bluetooth calling, & Voice Assistant at this price point.

In Crossbeats Ignite Atlas, we get Full touch 1.69” HD IPS screen with a 3D curved display and 9H material glass. It gives 500 nits brightness at 240×280 resolution but in sunlight, it becomes a little difficult to operate. 

You can change the watch faces according to your taste with 100+ watch face options available along with customization options, meaning you can design your watch face from the application

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas
All images used in this article credits - Crossbeats

User Interface

The User Interface (UI) is very attractive it produces bright colors with sharp text. The Interface is quite responsive and there is no delayed response. 

Swipe from left to access the phone book, dial pad, & call record.

Swipe from the right and you can view the widgets which you can set accordingly such as Heart Rate, Pedometer, SpO2 monitor, Blood pressure, Stress monitor, Sleep tracking, & weather forecast.

Swipe from the top and you get the toggle buttons torch, DND mode, Enable/Disable Bluetooth calling, Find my phone, Theme selector, settings, & brightness control.

Swipe from the bottom to access the menu. There are two view modes for the menu. The first one is the List view and the other is the grid view, which can be changed through settings as well as with the theme selector toggle switch.


Crossbeats Claims 10 days of battery backup based on usage and 3 days of battery backup with GPS tracking features.

It has a 420mAh battery with a standby time of 20 days as claimed by the brand.


Crossbeats Ignite Atlas has REALTEK operating system that supports both Android 4.4 & above, as well iOS9 & above devices. It is equipped with Bluetooth versions 3.0 & 5.0. The watch is compatible with third-party applications such as Google fit, Strava, and Apple Health.


This smartwatch comes with an IP67 rating, which protects the smartwatch from mild splashes and during rains. But, this watch can’t be worn during swimming.


The Crossbeats Ignite Atlas comes with 12 months of warranty if you register the device on the Crossbeats website within 10 days after purchase. You get an additional 6 months of warranty by scanning the QR behind the greetings card inside the box.

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Smartwatch Specifications

Coming to specifications, Crossbeats Ignite Atlas is a budget-friendly smartwatch with all the latest features and the GPS tracking is the cherry on the cake. 

The Bluetooth calling feature works smoothly. The person on the phone won’t be able to distinguish whether you are calling from the watch or the phone, the speakers and mic work very well.

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Bluetooth Calling

Being powered by a Dual satellite GLONASS for GPS tracking which picks up signals from the earth’s satellite to track your exact location, velocity, and elevation through trilateration technology. You can also trace your walks/runs without having to carry your phone and browse to your desired destination with accurate distance, duration, and route monitoring along with textual directions.

With Voice Assistant, now you can do all the voice searches from the watch itself and you can hear a reply from the watch speaker.

Now, let’s explore the Sensors, Smart features, Health modes, & Sports modes of Crossbeats Ignite Atlas one by one.

4a icons copy

Smart Features

The list of smart features is very long. It can consist of pretty much every function you might use in your daily life. So, here’s the list of smart features:

  1. Bluetooth Calling
  2. In-built GPS 
  3. Voice Assistant
  4. Notifications
  5. Weather
  6. Remote Camera shutter
  7. Music Control
  8. Timer
  9. Alarm
  10. Stopwatch
  11. Schedule
  12. Anti-lost (Find My Phone)
  13. Vibration
  14. Sedentary Reminder
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Music Control Feature
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Voice Assistant Feature

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Health Features

Unlike the other smartwatch watches which show the results of health metrics even when placed on any surface, Crossbeats has taken care of this. 

When you place Crossbeats Ignite Atlas on any surface it detects the error and asks you to wear it on the wrist to measure the health metrics.

Note: These health metrics should only be used for reference purposes not for medical conditions

Here’s the list of various health features:

  1. Heart Rate
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. SpO2
  4. Pedometer
  5. Stress Monitor
  6. Sleep Tracking
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas SpO2 Feature
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas HR & BP Feature
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Sleep tracking Feature
Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Stress monitor Feature

Sports Modes

We get 30 Multisports modes in Crossbeats Ignite Atlas, for which you can record the total duration of the sport, heart rate during the exercise, steps taken, the distance, and calories burnt.

Though it has 30 sports modes, the swimming sport mode is still missing as the watch has only an IP67 water-resistant rating.

The list is very long but, let me share a few sports modes with you. Here they are as follows:

  1. Run
  2. Walk
  3. Tennis
  4. Treadmill
  5. Cycling
  6. Yoga
  7. Basketball
  8. Football
  9. Badminton
  10. Cricket
  11. Trekking
  12. Hockey
  13. Boxing
  14. Dancing
  15. Jump rope
  16. Aerobics
  17. Elliptical Machine
  18. Golf
  19. Volleyball
  20. Free Training and Many More

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Smart Application

You got to pair this smartwatch with the CB-Activ application to track your health Status, Activate Smart Alerts, Download 100+ watch faces, and much more.

It is also compatible with third-party applications such as Google Fit, Strava, and Apple Health.

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Crossbeats Ignite Atlas

Rs. 5,999
Rs. 3,999
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